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Supporting Teatro La Fenice means helping to support one of the most important and prestigious cultural institutes worldwide. Teatro La Fenice has set itself the objective of propagating the art of music, the knowledge of music, opera and dance; it aims at educating the public, encouraging more conscious listening and the conservation and propagation of historic and cultural heritage. This is what makes Teatro La Fenice a prestigious institution that should be unremittingly preserved and invested.

Becoming a Supporting Member of La Fenice.

Becoming a Supporting Member means becoming a member of an exclusive circle. It brings with it a series of benefits in agreement with Fondazione Teatro La Fenice and the opportunity to associate one’s own image with one of the most well known Opera Houses on the international scene; in particular, the Supporting Members are included in the institutional informative materials of the Opera House, and take part in events that are exclusively for the Members and in the Foundation’s diverse initiatives.

The annual membership of Supporting Members requires a minimum participation of two years and will go towards the support of the Opera House’s artistic activities.

Thanks to the introduction of the ArtBonus Decree, no. 83, 31 May 2014, it is possible to receive a tax credit equal to 65% of the amount donated. For further information see:

Businesses and the Opera House.

Participating in the cultural project of Fondazione Teatro La Fenice means having one’s own name associated with an international excellence in the artistic and cultural field, guaranteeing your company great visibility and a considerable return in terms of image.

Strengthen your ties with the cultural world by working together with Fondazione Teatro La Fenice:


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